Message From Our CEO

Sunny Chan

Chief Executive Officer

The traditional concept of insurance is deeply rooted in having protection, should the unexpected happen. But in a world where our lives are comprised of different aspects intertwined with each other, Prominence Financial understands that the true value of insurance plays a much larger role. We challenge the customary perception of insurance and we set new standards for the insurance industry.

We are committed to making a positive difference by helping people live a long, healthy and wealthy lives. While we provide our customers with the most appropriate protection and saving solutions they desire and deserve.

We are committed in extending our cover so more people can get appropriate protection through our products and solutions. And to truly support customers through every stage of their health journey, we provide a comprehensive experience to our customers – from prevention to protection, from proact to react.

With an aging population and escalating health care costs, we share that being able to have adequate medical protection is an imminent concern and a great challenge to all.

Looking forward, customers will always be at the heart of our business, Prominence Financial will continue to provide financial management products and solutions that genuinely address their real-life needs. I am confident that with the support of our financial planners, our clients can count on us to be their most reliable and trustworthy partner, for many years to come.