Being successful at Prominence Financial requires focus, discipline and self-motivation. We have tools, programs and opportunities for you to build your skills and grow your career. With three career tracks to explore you have the ability to be the builder of your own future.


2.Sales Manager

3.Sales Director


Why Choose Us?

  • Are you looking for a professional career with unlimited earning potential?
  • A chance to be your own boss and build a business within a business?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity where you can specialize and become a respected expert in your field?
  • We are looking for quality people who possess good work ethics, strong goals, good communication skills and a commitment to excellence.
  • As an organization, we offer an extensive training program, a guaranteed minimum income to start, a competitive compensation program, opportunities for advancements based on merit.
  • Call or message us today to start a conversation that will change your life!

Our Niche

RESP Dealing Representative

  • To represent the LARGEST RESP Provider in Canada.
  • To help Canadian parents maximize FREE governments grants and tax shelter growth.
  • Over 380,000+ newborn children in Canada in 2019.

Do you think there is a market for it?

Our Niche

Living Benefit Specialist

  • To represent the a company with over 98 years of excellence.
  • A company that is part of the largest publicly traded insurance company in the world
  • To help local Canadians protect the unexpected.
  • Over 3,700,000+ Canadians in Canada.

Do you think there is a market for it?