Prominence Financial Inc. is an Insurance & Investment Brokerage that specialized in helping Canadian families and Canadian businesses grow their wealth with proper risk management in place. We are passionate about what we do and strive to be one of the best financial service firms across BC.

At Prominence Financial, our culture is to put the client’s needs first and after our professional analysis, we recommend the most suitable financial product to our clients.  We conduct our assessments and needs with integrity and professionalism because we value the relationships and trust that our clients have given us.  Our commitment to excellence and unrivaled customer service has inspired our existing clients to refer us to their family friends.

At Prominence, we excel in our professional platform, training and mentoring program for those individuals who want to join the team to serve the local Canadian. Individuals who wants to be part of the Prominence family go through an extensive training and mentorship program taught by some of the veterans and top performers in the industry.  Our mentorship program ensures the individual to mature in a genuine manner and enforces quality control.

Overall, our goal is to serve local Canadians with sound financial advice and e strive to be the best one-stop for insurance and investment needs for all Canadians.